How do members participate?

The Co-op began as a member run store with a part-time manager. Volunteer participation is not required but is encouraged. Typical jobs are Open Hours Host, various regular upkeep activities, bagging bulk items, unloading and stocking deliveries, picking up orders on the island or on the mainland, copying, repairs and maintenance.

Board of Directors:
New Board Members are selected by the membership at the Annual Membership Meeting. They serve two years, usually with three or four new members voted in each year. The Board meets once a month. Its role is one of oversight: making sure the Co-op’s mission is fulfilled, establishing policy, monitoring the fiscal health of the organization, and long-range planning.

The Board establishes committees for various ongoing or one-time endeavors. Both members at large and Board members may participate.

Annual Membership Meeting:
Learn about the state of your Co-op, what’s new, what is planned. Vote for Directors and on other matters of interest to everyone. Each Household Membership casts one ballot.

Food Forum:
Interested people can meet to review members’ suggestions for products they would like to see at the Co-op, evaluating new items according to a list of criteria. Buying guidelines for products at San Juan Island Food Co-op–three of four criteria to be met:  1.  Selected using careful evaluation of sweeteners, preservatives, additives, and flavorings.  2.  Grown or produced using organic practices, including non-GMO, and provided by a trusted source.  3.  Locally/ regionally grown or produced.  4.  Packaged and shipped with minimal impact on human health and the environment.

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