Where do the Co-op’s Local and Regional foods come from?

The Co-op’s purpose is to support local and regional farmers and food producers. Our Island farmers and chefs deliver fresh food to the Co-op every day, and we make regular trips to the mainland for additional Skagit Valley farm products. Our sales continue to grow. The 2012 percentages are 32% local, defined as San Juan County, and 22% regional—mostly Puget Sound region but including Washington, Oregon, and British Columbia. These regional amounts reflect items procured directly from producers. In addition, however, a very large amount of regional shelf and cooler stock comes to us through our distributors, UNFI and Azure Standard, and Hummingbird Wholesale in Eugene—beans and grain products, chocolate and ice cream, tofu and frozen produce, dairy and beverages, for example, making our regional totals far greater. We put our food $$ right back into our economy by supporting producers from San Juan County, nearby Puget Sound Counties, Washington State, and our neighbors, Oregon and British Columbia. Eat well! Eat local! Support the Co-op’s Mission!

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