local orgainc regional food at the food cooperative

We are a grassroots created, democratically managed, cooperatively owned grocery store that supports local and organic production, fosters conscientious consumption, and builds community connections.

We opened the doors to a tiny unmanned store on November 7, 2007 in a 300 square foot space in Surina Business Park. We have since moved and created a beautiful, spacious store right next to Bakery San Juan. We carry delicious, fresh, local and regional produce, island grass-fed meats, local seafood, regional goodies like raw honey, handcrafted cheeses, cured meats, bulk items and much more.  We provide all this with mostly volunteer labor. Thank you, everybody, who helped make us what we are.

Come visit us. Join us and help keep our island food supplies secure, sustainable and tasty.

What We Do For Food

We fetch honey from the beekeepers

organic honey san juan islandCheese from the cheesemaker

local cheese san juan islandMushrooms from the grower

organic mushrooms san juan islandand Maria brings fruit from her orchard, every week from June through December.

organic local fruit san juan island