San Juan Island Food Co-op is largely member operated.  Our seven paid staff members are supported by over 100 volunteers.  Everything that happens at the co-op is made possible through the efforts of our volunteers.

How You Can Help

There are a number of volunteer opportunities at the co-op including Staffing Open Hours, receiving and stocking deliveries, cleaning and repairs, re-packaging bulk goods, and more. If you would like to help out, email the co-op  ATTN: Susan Williamson.

Why volunteer? It comes with perks! Ask us.

Here is what Shelle, one of our board members and open hour volunteers, has to say about volunteering:

“I love my open hours shift on Saturday from 11 until 2. I know many of the people who come to shop and I’m so happy to see old friends. I also meet lots of new people who are regular Saturday shoppers and I enjoy chatting with them. Many of them are shopping on Saturday to make sure they get their weekly supply of Twin Brook milk. Some people make their own cheese and it has been interesting to get to know all about that process. Mostly I love the happy faces of all my friends, new and old. The happiness hit lasts a week until another Saturday rolls around and I get to go in again. I urge anyone who wants to volunteer and feel involved to try a weekly Open Hours shift at the San Juan Co-op. It’s productive, life affirming and just plain fun!”