Membership Fee

Membership fees provide essential capital funds for major expenses, like our POS system, coolers, computers, phones, shelving, bulk dispensers, plumbing and wiring, repairs. Membership includes all in your household, defined as a group of people who share a kitchen and shop, cook, and eat together. Each household is entitled to one vote at the Annual Membership Meeting or for special voting events.


Household Membership – $35
Business Membership- $50

How to Join

  • Stop by the Co-op during open hours to fill out a membership application form, indicating all members of your household and contact information.
  • Deposit the form with your annual membership fee in the membership box.
  • Your email address (normally two per household) will be added to our mailing list soon after you join, at which time you will begin receiving our weekly newsletter and occasional special announcements.
  • Within a week or so of joining, you will find your membership card in the card file on the Open Hours desk. This card enables you to shop at most other Co-ops in North America.


Members may special order bulk items not carried in our store by adding to the store’s weekly UNFI, bi-monthly Azure Standard orders, and bulk fruit orders during the growing season. Ask for information at the Co-op.


Much of the work at the Co-op is done by member volunteers. Please ask about opportunities which suit your household’s interests and skills.

We hope to see you at the Co-op!

Work at the Co-op

See our current job listing here.