Soak a cup of semi-pearled* Farro in water overnight. If you prefer a creamier porridge, try cracking the grains with a quick whirl in a coffee grinder. Soaking neutralizes phytic acid in cereal grains, improving their nutritional value; it also develops the flavor.

In the morning, combine the soaked grains in a saucepan with two cups of water (including the soak water) and a few shakes of salt. Cook at a simmer for about 25 minutes*; be alert to the pan going dry and add a bit more water if needed. If you like, add some dried fruit to the pot in the beginning with a bit of extra water. A sprinkle of cinnamon appeals to most porridge eaters.

Serve in bowls with rich cream or butter, fresh fruit, toasted nuts as desired, and your favorite sweetener–honey, maple syrup, molasses, sugar.

*If you don’t know if your Farro is pearled or not, look closely to see if the grains look scuffed. That would indicate that they have been processed a little to remove some of the bran and germ. If it is pearled, the above time should be sufficient; if the grains are intact and shiny, they are whole and could take twice as long or longer to cook tender.