Misty Ridge Farm’s recipe, from Jo Robinson’s “Pasture Perfect,” page 74

“There is nothing as simple and delicious to prepare as a roast–with a crockpot.”

I put a nice Sundstrom chuck roast with a bone in it in the freezer today!

Place frozen beef roast in crockpot. Add two cups of water. Simmer about four hours on high heat, then switch to low heat.

About 90 minutes before serving, add potatoes, carrots, celery, onions, or other vegetables to your liking. Season with your favorite herbs. Turn up the heat to high. Add water only if needed.

Serve the most tender and delicious beef you will ever taste.

You should be able to simmer unattended all day on low heat if the meat is prethawed, but test this out with your particular crockpot.

Rick & Judy Williams
Viroqua, Wisconsin