I just recently made this soup at a housewarming potluck and everyone raved about it, so I thought I would share the recipe with the rest of the coop. I managed to get all of the ingredients locally, except for the coconut milk (obviously – got that at the coop).

I should note that when I cook, I don’t really measure anything out. I just sort of play it by ear, taste it as I go and, ya know, improv. So, bear with the vague measurements.

Ingredients –
* 1 acorn squash (any kind of squash would work fine though)
* ~2 lbs of carrots
* ~1 lb of yellow apples (picked from the tree across from the farmers market : )
* 1 can coconut milk
* ~1 med onion

Spices –
* Salt to taste
* 1 or 2 tablespoons turmeric
* 1/2 teaspoon of cinnamon (or to taste)
* 1/2-1 tablespoon of curry seasoning
* dash of cayenne
* teaspoon of ground pepper

Start a fairly big pot of water boiling (you’ll want to adjust quantities to the amount of water obviously – I did about 3L – a gallon?). Peel the squash shell off with a knife while the water is getting hot, chop it up into pieces and throw em in the pot. Once they are really mushy, beat them into the water so that a nice base is formed. Mix in the coconut milk. Add the carrots, onions and spices, then a bit later (as the carrots are starting to soften) add in the apples. Simmer for a while longer and enjoy : )

This soup comes off the stove a lovely yellowish orange color if you use yellow apples and is a nice to look at as it is to taste (in my opinion). You can modify this recipe to your heart’s content (obviously), but some ideas that I thought about but didn’t carry out were adding garlic and/or ginger.

Hope you like it! It’s a good one for the onset of the rainy season!

Shared by Christopher Small