Brooke’s Green Sprout Bontanicals Miracle Cleansing Grains is my favorite face wash ever.  No preservatives, chemicals, or additives; it’s a totally green and healthy face wash.  I took Brooke’s advice and mixed it with honey (I use Bruce’s honey from the co-op, the stuff that comes in quarts) to make the most delicious face was ever.   Using one jar of Miracle Grains, transfer half of the powdery stuff into a nice storage container for safe keeping.   Then pour honey over the remaining powder till honey comes close to top, but not quite (or if you are a Julia Child’s type, you might want to use a larger bowl which will be more forgiving and will contain your messiness).  With a chopstick, mix the honey and cleansing grains together till thoroughly combined.  Add more honey to get to desired consistency.  I like the mixture it rather loose so that I can easily scoop a bit out of the jar with my finger.  I use this concoction every morning.  I usually make and extra batch for my son, Conner, who gets a kick out of saying that he’s washing his face with Hippy Mud.