~Nettle Pesto~ is just substituting basil with nettles.
Some people like to blanch the nettles before using…but I just pop them in the Vita Mix raw. I use flax, coconut and olive oil….garlic…walnuts, hemp seeds, kelp, cilantro, parsley. This freezes well for use later!
~Green Smoothie~
Blend all your favorites together [don’t forget reconstituted dried mangoes, prunes, dates, persimmons etc…].
Add nettles and miner’s lettuce [often found growing together!]…collards…kale...spinach. Blend a little longer than usual to be sure to break down the cell walls in the nettles! 
~Dried Nettles~
If you want the nutrition of nettles all year long….dry them! Either in trays out of direct light…or hanging in paper bags. When stems are thoroughly dry… store in airtight jars or bags. Powder in small amounts to be sprinkled or added to food. 
~Green Tortillas~
Here’s a great way to introduce nettles. When making your favorite flat bread recipe….blend the nettles with the water before adding to flour mix. That Nettle Pesto is delicious spread on top!
Bon Appetit!
Original Recipes created and submitted by Bequin