Do you have a hot air popcorn popper?  It’s easy to roast your own coffee.


Most coffee lovers are willing to grind their own beans to get a fresher and more flavorful cup of coffee, but roasting the beans has usually been left to the professionals:  No need!  You too can roast some great fresh coffee at home.


For the serious home roaster there are a wide variety of commercial bean roasters available.  There are electric, LP gas, and even roasters that hook up to your BBQ grill!  Many others choose, either for economy, because they are infrequent roasters, or simply like the simplicity of it, to roast their coffee in a variety of other ways at home including: in the oven, stove-top roasting with a crank-type popcorn popper, in a skillet, or most commonly, using a hot air popcorn popper.


Roasting with a Hot-Air Corn Popper

Its inexpensive, much more so than a coffee roaster, and you can pick up hot air poppers at most thrift stores by the gross.

What You Need


Voila!  You now have your own freshly roasted coffee beans. All you need is to grind and brew. You’ll never go back to pre-roasted coffee again.  Store your beans as you would any bought beans.

Taste Note: Hot-air poppers roast relatively quickly, thereby emphasizing bright, acidy notes in medium roasts and pungency in dark roasts. Taste tends to be clean and straightforward compared to more complex taste of beans roasted using other methods.

We are happy to give you detailed instructions on other home roasting methods, as well as help you track down more “serious” home roasting equipment.  High Country Coffee is NOT roasted using this method, and we offer these instructions only as an entrée to the wonders of home roasting for first-time gourmet

Sumbmitted by Amy & Cole, High Country Coffee