RISOTTO is usually made by sauteing rice in oil and then cooking it in broth to a creamy consistency but “al dente.” EINKORN and other grains make a delicious risotto.


EINKORN RISOTTO: When I was a young woman, a nice Italian boy taught me to make “Risotto alla Milanese” thus:

Fry some onion and garlic, diced small, slowly in a skillet with olive oil. Turn up the heat and stir in a cup of einkorn (substituted for the original rice) and toast it in the pan. Dump in a half glass of white wine and stir till it is absorbed. Mix a pinch of saffron (and salt if the broth needs it) into a cup and a half to two cups of heated chicken broth and stir that in by thirds, stirring till the grain has absorbed the broth each time. Taste to be sure the grain is cooked; add more broth if the grain is still crunchy. Remove from heat and add generous amounts of butter and Parmesan cheese. Stir it smooth and serve with a nice braised meat like Osso Bucco.


EINKORN PILAF: Saute a few chopped vegetables such as onion, carrots, celery.  Rinse the presoaked grain and add it, along with a bay leaf and other herbs if you like, directly to savory broth. Stir. Bring the pot to a simmer, then cook for about half an hour with the lid on until einkorn is chewy-tender.  Remove from heat and let the pilaf sit, covered, for fifteen minutes. If you have any, stir in chopped green onions and lemon zest, maybe diced roasted peppers from a can. Check for salt, then serve.


EINKORN DOLMAS: Presoak half a cup of Einkorn. Rinse and drain, add a cup of water, and cook for about half an hour. Drain off any excess water and cover to plump for about ten minutes. (This can be done earlier in the day or week.) Saute finely chopped onions, garlic, curry or cumin, salt, currents. Mix with cooked Einkorn. A squeeze of lemon is nice. Wrap in steamed cabbage leaves, grape leaves, or nori seaweed. Yogurt with chopped garlic makes a tasty sauce.

Recipe by Eleanor