This simple side dish turns our bulk carrots into something special.  You’ll love the combination of sweet carrots, salty feta, zingy lemon, and fresh parsley. 



6 to 8 large Co-op carrots from Good Earth Centre (mix with parsnips for a variation)

2 tablespoons organic olive oil

Salt to taste.

Zest and juice of one lemon

2 oz. Landmark or  Mt Vikos feta cheese

¼ cup parsley chopped


Preheat oven to 475-degrees.

Scrub, peel, and slice carrots into large

Toss carrots with the olive oil, salt, and lemon zest until evenly coated

Dump carrots into shallow baking dish, lightly oiled

Roast carrots for 15-25 minutes.  Turn carrots over part-way through cooking.  You want the carrots caramelized and tender, but not mushy.

When done cooking, squeeze half the lemon over the carrots and transfer to a wide serving bowl.  Crumble feta over the carrots, top with parsley, and serve.

 Recipe submitted by Amy, via Peggy, adapted from