butternut (or kabocha) squash
onion with butter for cooking
sherry or brandy
half & half
1/2 dried chipotle pepper

Chop squash into big chunks, remove seeds, and steam so it’s easy to peel.  When cool enough to handle, peel. (I usually just stab the squash a couple times with a sharp knife and put it on a pan in a moderate oven till it’s soft; let it cool and remove the flesh for use.)

Cook onion in butter till transparent in a soup kettle.  Add squash, broth, cumin, black pepper, and about a half a chipotle pepper with the seeds removed, diced very fine (soak it first; it makes it easier to chop).  Adjust amounts of ingredients to suit the size of the squash.  Simmer until the squash is tender.

Puree the soup with an immersion blender, add a quarter to half a cup or so of dry sherry, and some half and half.  It should be neither too thick nor too thin.  I like a dash of nutmeg also.  Heat but do not boil.  Taste for salt; it doesn’t need much if your broth is salty.  A lump of butter can be added (very French).

A sprinkle of chopped chives looks nice, or minced green onion.

This soup can also be made with pumpkin, fresh or canned, and the chipotle pepper can be replaced with a bit of minced fresh ginger, and perhaps, a cinnamon stick.

Recipe created and submitted by Eleanor