When Eleanor, Anna and I went on our pork, kraut, pickles, eggs and honey field trip a couple of weeks ago, we had this salad at the Co-op deli. I re-created it that same night at home and had it again. So simple, so good, so healthy.
You’ll need:
sesame seeds
peanut oil
sesame oil

Heat peanut oil in skillet.
Sautee kale until wilted.
Toss with roasted sesame seeds, sesame oil, garlic, salt/pepper. Eat right away or let cool.
This is again one of those things that taste better the next day.

From: Eleanor Hartmann :: Sun, Feb 07, 2010

I did an expanded version:

I chopped sweet kale that had overwintered in my garden and steamed it briefly till it was bright green, then removed it from the heat.

Meanwhile, I set up a pot to boil a few strands of buckwheat soba noodles. I also put a small iron pan on the burner at medium and toasted a tablespoon or two of sesame seeds–keep an eye on ’em ’cause they’ll burn quickly.

In a bowl I mixed a good glug of sesame oil, a spoonful of shoyu and another of rice vinegar, plus two big cloves of garlic, chopped, and a sliver of ginger, chopped.

I happened to have a small bit (maybe an ounce) of Matt Marinkovich’s smoked cod in the fridge so I chopped that into morsels and put it in the bowl.

I also had some frilly red seaweed (dulce) I had ordered for the co-op so I chopped in some of that, along with a few leaves of corn salad and sorrel I found in the garden.

…maybe a sprinkle of salt.

I mixed it all together for a room temperature lunch dish. The folks who happened by liked it so much their chopsticks were chasing the last bits from the bowl after it was all consumed!

Anna, how’d you make yours?