Recently, Eleanor emailed Valdi that she had just made the Swedish Rye Bread and it came out perfect. Valdi replied, “Sounds great. I am starting to bake the Rye Flatbread.”

Here’s the recipe that Valdi shared with Eleanor via email:

The basic recipe is 500 gr rye flour, 300 gr water, salt to taste. The water is boiled and and sprinkled over the flour, mixed together, and let stand overnight. Sometimes people use a little sour milk. Next day, roll the dough into two-inch diameter logs which are cut into one- inch thick slices. Dust these slices with flour and roll them into round flat cakes, prick them with a fork, and bake them on a hot cast iron skillet.

Now from this basic recipe come lots of different variations. Some use rye flour and white flour, some put in it leftover boiled potatoes. My version probably would not be accepted by my folks; it has been contaminated by lots of influences from other cultures. I use the basic ratio of flour to water. I use two parts rye flour, one part barley flour, one part all-purpose white flour. I use dried yeast, so the water should be warm not hot. I use a tablespoon of salt, a little honey, olive oil, flaxseed, sunflower seed, and cumin. I don’t let the dough rest overnight. The rest I do the old-fashioned way. And since the wife is on a ski trip I can bake them now. It really smokes up the house and that smell stays for days.

Rgds, Valdi