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I have made steps for the co-op to join as a founding member, which will entitle us to have access to products from throughout the Puget Sound region. The more regionally and locally we source our food, the fresher it will be with potentially greater nutritional value, and we’ll reduce our dietary carbon footprint.

With this new sourcing it becomes increasingly important for those of us who do the ordering to hear your views on local and organic so we can make product selections accordingly to satisfy the needs of all members. And if you know of local and regional items you think the co-op ought to stock, please tell us about them.

Stand by for further developments!



Our “account manager,” Lucy Norris, has quickly connected us to producers in Skagit Valley, and Anna, Steffi, and I are taking a field trip Tuesday to collect items for the Co-op. Some are certified organic; others don’t make that claim but they are surely local/regional. We plan to ask all the right questions and put our eyeballs on whatever we can to be sure we bring good food to our store. We want to hear members’ views about the values that matter most.

In November we brought Pleasant Valley pickles and sauerkraut (see and

Earlier that month I bought us 25 lbs. hazelnuts from Holmquist Farm in Sumas in Whatcom county–fresh and delicious; the dark chocolate covered ones vanished too quickly and we need more!