HAPPY SATURDAY CO-OPERS!!!! I hope you are all staying dry and warm on this rainy, rainy day. What a great day to snuggle up by the fire!!! Swing by the Co-op for everything you need to make a yummy Chai tea or to bake some yummy cookies, which seem to be the best remedy for fighting the rain and cold.

You may be wondering why the Newsletter is coming out on Saturday?? I have been out of town and just got home. It sure feels good to be back on island and get in the swing of things again! I want to give a HUGE thanks to everyone who helped out while I was gone!! It was so appreciated!!!!

There has been some brainstorming going about and some thoughts about starting a Cheese Club. A place where cheese could be ordered through the Co-op in large quantity (say 7lbs for example), taken from the Co-op, then split up, and shared between the group. As we speak there is a beautiful block of Parmesan (at $7.14/lb) just waiting to be split up and shared!!! If you would be interested in starting/joining you can leave your name at the Co-op or e-mail either sanjuancoop@gmail.com OR apspears27@gmail.com. I hope to hear from you!!!

Thank you to all of you who have be joining and renewing your membership for the new year!! If you have not yet renewed make sure you make it in by the 31st so you are sure to get the new door code!!!

Also keep the suggestions and comments coming on what you would like to see in the Co-op! They are great and so helpful!!!!

Enjoy the rest of the rainy weekend!!!!!!!!

Anna Spears
SJI Community Food Co-op