HAPPY WEDNESDAY!! I hope you are all enjoying this lovely rainy day!!! The rain stopped this afternoon, just long enough to get the order unloaded from the truck and put away. Thanks to all of the volunteers who made it out today, your help really expedited the process!! Thanks everyone!!!!!

You are probably wondering whats new at the Co-op this week? Well, we were lucky enough to get a new glass door fridge to replace the old domestic one that just did not want to stay cold!! A HUGE thanks to Arvid and Susan for spending many long grueling hours getting the new fridge Co-op ready!!! It looks SO great!! And it is quickly filling up with new flavors of Synergy, Acai juice, tofu, and more!!! Please let me know any suggestions on products you want to see in the new fridge.

Make sure you all come to the Co-op this week for your milk and half n’ half. With the new found room in the dairy fridge we quickly filled it with a surplus of Organic Valley products just waiting to be bought up!

The time has come once again for the Azure Standard order. I will be placing it tomorrow (Thursday, Oct. 22nd) afternoon and it will be ready for pick up in Anacortes Thursday, Oct 29th. If you would like to add to this order, simply log on to www.azurestandard.com. Once there, use the user name cloud@rockisland.com, password ‘organic’. From there you can follow the same process as when ordering from UNFI. Add items to the basket, ONLY. Do not commit to the order. I will do that tomorrow afternoon.

We are still looking for a volunteer to go to Anacortes next Thursday to pick up the order. If you think you might be able to do this contact me (Anna) at apspears27@gmail.com. This is a great volunteer opportunity and a huge help for the Co-op! The order is able to be stored for up to a day in Anacortes, so the pick up could work to coincide with a trip, already planned, to go off island! As I said, let me know! Thanks!!

A REMINDER: Could everyone make sure that they are sending a conformation e-mail to apspears27@gmail.com after placing wholesale items in the UNFI basket. Some mysterious items have been appearing at the Co-op with the weekly order that seem all too much like an order one of you Co-opers may be expecting. The extra moment it takes to send the e-mail is so appreciated on this end!

A BIG THANK YOU! to all those new Co-op members who signed up this month, as well as those loyal members who renewed their membership for the new year! Thank you all for supporting OUR Co-op. That support is what keeps us up and running; it allows for our beautiful island to have this great lil’ place to shop!!!!

Have a great week!!!!
Anna Spears
SJI Community Food Co-op