HAPPY THURSDAY, MERRY CHRISTMAS, HAPPY NEW YEAR CO-OPERS!!!! I trust you all had a great holiday, filled with good food, family, and friends!! Can you believe it is 2010, ALREADY!!!?? I have a feeling this year, the year of the Tiger, is going to be filled with beauty for us all.

With the new year upon us, I like to look back over the last and see positives that added to my last year of life. The main one for me, with a trip to the East coast fresh in my mind, is the GREAT food I have been lucky enough to put into my body. For those born and raised in this area, this may seem a trivial point to you, for me this is not the case. The availability of high quality of food, for I would feel safe to say, the MAJORITY of people in this country is low, very low. The food we eat is reflected in, not only our bodies, but our minds and spirits as well. I take this new year to be thankful for the surplus of GREAT food I have available to me and strive to give other this same opportunity.

I want to give a huge thanks to all those who came out and helped keep the Co-op up and running when I was away!!!! I think the willingness of all of you to help so much is a perfect example of the workings Cooperative in action! THANKS AGAIN!!!!!!!
New items

This week the Co-op has all the essentials, such as milk, eggs, and an ever growing variety of cheese. We are also, with the season of produce, for the most part, coming to a close, lots of frozen veggies to supplement your dinner dishes!

But, with that said, we will be getting a shipment in of winter produce from Waldron Island, soon!! yay!! So stay on the look out for that!
Stool and Broom

We are mysteriously missing one of our stepping stools in the Co-op. If any of you Co-opers have an extra stool at there house that isn’t being used, and would like to donate it to the Co-op, that would be great! OR if any of you know what happened to the original stepping stool, we would gladly take that one back as well.

Also, we are in search of a new broom! I wanted to put it out there to anyone who might have an extra lying around just waiting to be the new Co-op cleaner-uper, we would love to have it!

Our January board meeting will be held this upcoming Wednesday, Jan. 13th, at 5pm. The meeting will be at 400 Emmerling Pl. (Just off San Juan Valley Rd to the right). Everyone is welcome, so come one come all!!

Also, we will be having a long range planning meeting January 23, from 1-4. There will be more information on this meeting to come soon!

I hope you all have a fabulous rest of your week and an amazing weekend!!!!!

ps. Did anyone catch that BEAUTIFUL sunrise!!!???