HAPPY FRIDAY!!! Who would have thought with the heavy storms this morning, this afternoon would have turned out so beautiful!! It almost feels like spring!!! I hope you all had a chance to soak up a bit of the afternoon sunshine!
New Items

New on the Co-op shelves this week, we have baking chocolate (finally!), banana chips and large coconut flakes (great for granola), and figs that just need the assistance of a volunteer to be bagged and put on the shelves!!!

We got a delicious order of bread in from Bakery San Juan today. We have eight loaves of multi-grain and three loaves of the spelt grain. Make sure to come in and get yours while they are still fresh!!!!
Long Range planing meeting!!

Another reminder to all members!! We will be having our long range planing meeting, discussing the future of our lil’ Co-op on Jan. 23rd from 1-4. We encourage all members to come. Remember, this is your Co-op, and we (as manager and board) want to hear your feedback. Come with all ideas!!! What do you like about the Co-op in its current state, what would you like to see change, what wouldn’t you like to see change??

I hope to see you all there!!!!!!
Azure order

Just a reminder: We will be placing an Azure standard order this month. The cut off date for all wholesale orders is Jan 21st.

The order will arrive Jan 28th. To make this order possible we still need a volunteer to pick up the order in Anacortes. Please let me know (at apspears27@gmail.com) if you would be able to pick this order up!!! It is a great volunteer opportunity!!!!!

I hope you all have a great weekend!!!!!!!

-Anna Spears
SJI Community Food Co-op