HAPPY THURSDAY CO-OPERS!!!!! I hope you all have been enjoying our lucky streak of beautiful weather!
New Items

The UNFI truck came in on Wednesday, bringing a bounty of goods to make up for the shortage last week. We have three new cheeses; Ricotta, Medeteranian Feta, and brie, as well as the start of the Cheese Club, with Parmesan, this week. If you are interested in being a part of the Cheese Club make sure to e-mail apspears27@gmail.com so I can get you on the list!!

Veganaise is back on the shelves! As well as three flavors of Coconut Bliss, which are going FAST!!! We have also stocked LOTS of nuts and dried fruits; cherries, cranberries, thompson and golden raisins, all for your holiday baking. All we need to do is get these items bagged; what a great volunteer opportunity!!! Also for baking, we have condensed and dry milk, and hope to stock buttermilk next week.
Local items

New on the local front are some delicious hazelnuts from Holmquist Hazelnut Farm in Lynden, Wa.!!! They pride themselves in growing a “sweeter variety of the hazelnut, the Duchilly hazelnut.” We are carrying bulk hazelnuts, simply awaiting bagging, and both Dark and Milk German Chocolate covered nuts! I will speak from experience, they are delicious!!!! Check out the Holmquist Hazelnut Farm website, they carry a great selection!! www.holmquisthazelnuts.com

We received a beautiful order today from Nootka Rose Farm on Waldron Island today. We have some amazing looking beets, with delicious greens, cabbage, both purple and green, and carrots!!!

We are also starting to carry an island grown and crafted variety of teas, from Isla Botanica (which can also be found at the Saturday Farmers Market, at the High School). There are many different blends for you all to try!! The are really yummy!!! Come in an check them out!
Fresh Bread!

Starting today, we are carrying loaves of FRESH BREAD! from San Juan Bakery! There is a limited supply, so hurry in and get yours! We are taking these first few weeks as a trial run to see how much we should be getting each week. Your feedback, as always, is greatly appreciated!!!!

I hope you all have a great weekend, and keep soaking up the sun…while its still around!!!!!

-Anna Spears
SJI Food-Coop