HAPPY THURSDAY!!! WOW! It is chilly out there today!! I even spotted some white fluffy flakes falling from the sky?! Yet another reminder that winter is upon us!

Our truck came in bright and early yesterday, bringing us all the goodies needed to keep our shelves, freezer, and fridges full! We have all the essentials in the dairy fridge this week; milk, lots of yogurt, cheeses of all sorts, and more! Our freezer is also brimming with everything from Pizza, to Lopez Island Ice cream, to tamales!!!
Food Handlers Card

For all those with a Food Handlers Card, this week is a great time to stop in a fill some volunteer hours!! We have a surplus of nuts, dried fruits, and snacks patiently awaiting bagging!! If you have never done the bagging before, swing by the Co-op during open hours and either Eleanor or I (the resident bagging experts) can show you the ropes!

For those of you who would like to help bag bulk items but do not have a food handlers card, getting one is really easy. Check out http://www.sanjuanco.com/health/foodsafety.aspx, and click #5 for a schedule of classes. We would love to have your help!!!
Fresh Bread!!!!

Due to the success of the fresh bread from the San Juan Bakery last week, we are going to continue getting bread in the following weeks. We are bumping up the number of loaves from 6 to 8. The bread will come in every Thursday, in the early afternoon. This Friday, in addition to our order on Thursday, we will be getting 3 loaves of the spelt grain. They should be in the Co-op around 11am.

I hope you all stay warm and enjoy the rest of your week as it flows into the weekend!!!

-Anna Spears
SJI Food Co-op