VOID: Anna’s been gone for the week, and quite honestly, without going into details, the place works much better when she’s here. Lots of generous and clever people came to help with the UNFI delivery today and in the end it all worked out in spite of some unsolved mysteries, but we all had to scratch our heads pretty hard!

WHAT’S NEW: It was a big order; Peter-the-volunteer managed to stash an incredible pile of frozen goods into the freezer! There are a few new products in the co-op for you—bagels, burritos, pickled ginger, a new kind of pesto, romano cheese, a big theo mint bar, cute little boxes of Eden navy beans, and so on. There are many bulk items waiting to be packaged by volunteers over the coming week.

FRESH: Lots of greens in the cooler! Blue Moon sent theirs over early, so I think Nootka Rose will supply a refresher on Thursday to get us through the weekend. Yesterday’s boxes had a few interesting Chinese vegetables, which intrigued some shoppers so much the rest didn’t get a chance. I hope Steve and Linnea send more! Guard included three burly hanging tenders with the burger I picked up this morning; take time to check the web for recipes so you’re ready for a Memorial Day bbq—hanging tender is good.

FORAGED ITEMS: I got an email yesterday in response to a PSFN inquiry announcing a fellow in Seattle who would supply us with morels and miners lettuce and nettles and sea beans and fiddleheads. Where is a local forager? Don’t we have all those things in good supply right here?

SPACE: Meanwhile, on a more serious topic, your Board is trying to identify a three places to consider for the co-op’s modest expansion. We want to put three options up for a vote at our Annual Meeting on June 23. So far we have looked at a larger space in Surina which would allow our operation to be pretty much as it has been but with room to move around and perhaps an “office” with an actual telephone or something—a computer would be nice too. And we’ve looked at the shop bay to the south of Bakery San Juan which is very appealing in potential but requires extensive and expensive construction; plus, with increased exposure it would alter our way of doing business, requiring staffing and probably the loss of our wonderful 24/7 access. Anyone have a good idea to propose for a third site to consider? One option, of course, is to just stay as we are. President Arvid has composed a document about the matter, copies of which he printed on yellow paper and placed on the desk. Please read this so you are prepared for the expansion questions when it’s time to vote in a month.

MILK BOTTLES—OH HELP: If you bring back a few milk bottles I can whittle down the pileup of crates on top of the coolers. I’m truly over my head on this matter for sure: the stack of signup sheets suggests there are 75 bottles out that have not been crossed off and therefore have been paid but not refunded—no problem at all there. The crates tell a very different story—there are 238 empty bottle slots on top of the coolers; this implies that there are 167 bottles that have not even been paid for! I for one have no whit of a desire to go through the last two and a half months of receipts to see who has bought milk, who has paid the deposit, and who has refunded the deposit. I worry that I’ve initiated a problem that will sink our fine little ship if $500 worth of bottles have gone down the drain—we paid for those bottles and we have to show that you paid for them in turn when you bought your milk, then justify that money with the ones that have been brought back! I have a frozen brain now—frozen solid as an iceberg; I get along with lettuce and carrots and packages of burger better than with accounts (oh help again!).

REMINDER: When Anna returns she will put her new payment routine in place—money and receipt will be placed together in an envelope and put in a larger payment box. As always, it’s best to come prepared to shop with a check or with sufficient cash in various denominations. This is your store! (…speaking of which, the broom and dustpan still live in the back by the slop sink, so next time you spill a lot of quinoa on the floor, please, oh please, don’t leave it for me to sweep up…thankyouverymuchmuttermuttermutter….)

VOLUNTEERS: You’ll be glad you kept track of the hours you give to your co-op every time you work by writing it down in the big green notebook on top of the file cabinet, first of all because the co-op will benefit when we’re ready to apply for grants and loans. More important though, when the time comes to give up 24/7 access, volunteers of record may be able to continue that privilege. Don’t say I didn’t tell you!

MORE VOLUNTEERS! Needed….please. Holly taped some ideas to the desk. Send an email to our co-op address: sanjuancoop@gmail.com

THANK YOU! …to the co-op member who held my hand through rehydrating my car out in front of the co-op after the leaky heater core fogged my windows, spilled coolant on my feet, and made the engine a little too toasty. Brien-the-mechanic is going to fix it soon he says. When do I know I’ve spent enough on that jalopy already?

Keep on shopping, ‘cause I keep on buying stuff to put in the coolers for you—thanks!