NEW AND FRESH: I, the Instigator, had to hunt and gather alone today, because Anna-the-Manager came down sick at the last minute and had to stay home in bed and moan and drink hot tea.

On the way to the pickle farm I took a couple of pictures of some Holstein cows at a farm with an “Organic Valley” sign on it. They were in their “slatternly condition,” standing in muck and chowing down on some sour smelling stuff they seemed to like a lot. A lot of their girlfriends were in the pasture behind the barns. Before I comment, I think I’d better take a trip to Custer and check out the cows at Fresh Breeze and Twin Brook. Stand by…. I’m spoiled by the little herd of Jerseys at Heritage Farm. Those cows always look like they just got back from the beauty parlor.

Skagit River Ranch: The freezer is full of meat birdies they slaughtered specially for us, and there’s bacon and Italian sausage, hot and sweet, Andouille sausage, ham hocks, and pork chops and ribs (I was tuckered out by the end so you’ll have to calculate the price of your own packages (ribs $6.35/lb., chops $10.35/lb.).

Pleasant Valley Farms: I got pickles, because it’s almost time to fire up the grill.

Samish Bay Creamery: I got fresh Gouda.

Salumi, from Slough Foods in Edison: I bought us 12 “sticks”—Salumi-Salumi, Finnochiona, Dario, and Hot Sopressata. $20 each—hurry hurry! Shoppers are already drooling….

Amanda Smith picked up the produce today, and Nootka Rose brought over a “supplement” to their Tuesday delivery which didn’t get price tags—there’s stuff I don’t recognize and some asparagus which one lucky shopper took the last of while i was pricing birds. I’m mystified. There’s lovely salad and other things in the cooler for you though.

I’m beginning to get the drift about the milk. I ordered four cases of half gallons of cream top for this Saturday, two cases of chocolate quarts and one of chocolate pints, a case each of half and half, and a case of quarts of whipping cream. Regarding the whipping cream, I unfortunately discovered that a shot glass of it with a little Frangelico is pretty darn good, not to mention what it does to my coffee.

REMINDER: When returning Heritage Farm bottles, please remember to return the white plastic lid. If you don’t, then you should reimburse your deposit for $2.50 instead of $3.50, because those lids cost a buck. Thanks!

I’m cutting short now, to make a late supper. Your shopping enthusiasm is very rewarding!

– e.