NEWSLETTER: August 18, 2010

FRESH: As I was picking up Waldron produce at the dock Tuesday morning I reflected on how delicious the greens are from that soil. In particular, I appreciate the fresh sweet flavor of Asian greens—gai lon, sensopai, you cai, and of course bok choy and napa. If you haven’t tried them please do before the season’s over. I like them lightly braised either in sesame oil and sprinkled with toasted sesame seeds or in a mixture of coconut oil and butter with garlic. Of course they’re perfect in a stir-fry. I’ll order a little extra for this week.

FRUIT: Tomorrow I’m expecting six or eight boxes of nectarines and two boxes of apricots from our orchard connection in Orondo. If you read this before 7 p.m. and decide you want a box of nectarines for yourself, call me and right away I’ll convey the order to Marie who’s heading in our direction before dawn Thursday: 370-5430. Marie says they can beautifully: cut them in half and pack them in a quart jar, using half the sugar that you’d use for peaches. They look lovely through the glass with their red blushing skins; the flesh is firm and the skin peels right off if you you prefer to eat them naked.

SKAGIT WHOLESALE MARKET: I’m planning to order a few things for us that need to be picked up at the morning market behind the Skagit Co-op next Thursday, the 26th. I will order more pork products to replace the dwindling supply, some more Samish Bay cheese, and three flats of those wonderful mushrooms from Twin Sisters. If anyone happens to be going to Mt. Vernon that morning and would be able to pick the orders up before 10:30 a.m., saving me the trip, I could pay for the items in advance and you can do the schlepping, using the co-op’s ferry pass. The food needs to be kept cool, so it’s important to return on the 11:55 ferry if possible. See my phone number above.

RECEIPTS: You prob’ly noticed the receipts ran out a week and a half ago. I asked, but nobody volunteered to go to Printonyx and make copies—they just said “no”! I think Anna finally did it. It’s a pretty easy and unscheduled job if someone wants to take it on and earn volunteer hours. The engine of our little co-op is the volunteers—it wouldn’t be here without them!

BAGGERS NEEDED: I notice that almost all of the bulk items on the front rack are bagged by Geneva—every Thursday she spends hours back there at the table suited up in rubber gloves, scooping fruits and nuts, taping, weighing, pricing. Please help, especially if you are among those who ask us to get specific items to stock. All that’s needed is a food handler card from the Health Department.

VOTE: Remember to vote next week on our move. Paper ballots will be in the co-op from August 25 through September 1. Viewing of the sites will be Monday August 23 from 5 to 7. If you need to vote by mail, please request a ballot by email, then print it and mail it in time for the end of voting: ( There will be great joy among us when we have a little more room to move around and don’t keep running out of staples and into each other!

Happy Fair time!

– Eleanor