VOTE! Ballots and a box will be in the co-op starting today, and you can vote on which site you prefer for the co-op’s new home until September 1. You must sign your ballot so the Board can verify that only one vote is cast per household and that only up-to-date co-op households of record are voting. If you are away you may request a ballot by emailing Be sure to print your ballot, sign it, and mail it to San Juan Island Food Co-op, 50 Malcolm St., F. H. The outcome of the vote will be posted as soon as possible after the Board has met on September 8.

FRUIT: I have ordered eight more boxes of those wonderful nectarines that vanished so fast last week. They should arrive today during the UNFI delivery circus.

VINCENT CRANBERRIES: Members have inquired about production practices of the farmers who bring us their juice and dried cranberries from the Oregon coast. I have posted Tim Vincent’s excellent reply to my queries on our website’s Forum page under “Food Awareness.” He’s coming to Seattle this weekend and I’ve asked him to bring us six more cases of juice. He’ll leave them at a friend’s house on Queen Anne Hill, so they will need to hitch a ride to our co-op. If you are going to Seattle soon and can volunteer, my phone number is 370-5430.

BAGS: Shoppers are sad to use plastic bags. Anna is looking into acceptable alternatives for wrapping the produce which suffers terribly if unprotected, and she has ordered paper bags for your purchases from the gravity dispensers. They cost a few cents per bag which you will add to your receipt; the amount will be posted. Please tuck your empty paper bags into your shopping tote to reuse for future purchases! (Anna, by the way, is obsessively crocheting expandable shopping totes for everyone with her immense stash of yarn. The first one came out the shape and size of a fat six pound salmon. Stand by.)

WHOLESALE ORDERS: Anna wants to be sure wholesale orders are submitted correctly—habits are getting sloppy and that makes it hard for her and Ellie, she says. Here’s a refresher on what must be included in your email order confirmation:
1. Description of the product(s)
2. Five digit product number(s)
3. How many of each item ordered
4. Price of each item, plus tax if applicable
5. Total price of all items ordered
6. Total you owe including the 5% markup

That’s all for now!

– e.