Strategic Initiatives for 2021

The board is working on several strategic initiatives directed toward making the Co-op a more comfortable, efficient and pleasant shopping experience are as follows:

  • New front entrance and deck:
    We’ve completed the stairs, and hope to connect the deck to the Bakery, and maybe offer outside seating as well.
  • New produce display cooler:
    • We’ll sell even more local produce, as well as regional produce during the off-season. We’ll be better stocked, and more shopper-friendly!
    • $10,000 grant from OGC, Organically Grown Cooperative, an independent organic produce co-op that offers assistance to small Co-ops, like ours!
  • New Walk-in/display freezer:
    • A new freezer system with easy-access display doors, connected to a back-load walk-in freezer, will provide ample room to hold inventory will allow more efficient ordering and receiving of frozen goods.
    • The external refrigeration compressor will be way more efficient, way-way more quiet, and keep our Co-op super-way more cooler through the hot summer.
  • New Point of Sale (POS) system, and an additional checkout register.
    • Running an efficient Co-op means effectively keeping track of receiving, inventory, and sales. Our staff is already very efficient with our outdated POS system, and things will move even more smoothly with the right tools to work with.
    • An additional checkout register will speed things up and provide a speedy checkout for an increasing number of Co-op members
  • New sign, LIGHTS in the parking lot, and new shingle siding (like the Bakery).
    • A more welcoming appearance and ease of after-dark shopping will make the Co-op shopping experience even better.

The Co-op board has never been so excited for our Co-op’s future. With the slate of improvements in store, our coop will run efficiently enough to offer benefits to our employees, and start giving back to the community in a big way. And we’ll do it all through providing our members with copious amounts of local produce, great service, and better prices. And let’s not forget about our member’s ownership in our Co-op, the food security created, and the local economy we all help to create.

At the upcoming Annual Meeting, we will discuss all of these initiatives.  In the meantime, you can email Matt if you have questions: